Marty Chou received his Bachelor of Architecture in University of Toronto, Canada in 2002, and Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design in Columbia University, New York, USA in 2005.  Since 2016, he has been teaching architecture design studio in NTUT, Taipei, Taiwan.

“Marty Chou Architecture” was founded in 2013, and has since been dedicated to pursue the art of clarity and the beauty of simplicity in architecture.  Works are published in international media and have won 2017 TID Award, 2018 WIN Award, 2020 A’ Design Award, and 2020 TID Award.


「周正峰設計工作室」成立於2013年,致力於追求簡單深刻的事物。希望透過明晰的概念及淨簡的空間,帶給人心境的安定與寬廣。作品在國內外設計媒體發表,曾獲 2017 TID台灣室內設計大獎單層住宅類、2018英國WIN Award 住宅類獎 、 2020義大利A’ Design Award 室內空間及展覽設計類獎 ,及 2020 TID台灣室內設計大獎單層住宅類 。