Chao House

Chao House

A family of 6 sisters and brother own a land on a slope site in a quiet community overlooking the city of Taipei.  Each of them has his/her own family and often lives abroad.  They need a house to stay when they come back, and wish it can be adjusted for future need when they grow old.

We arranged all of the service spaces on the north side in order to gain maximum living space on the south side.  This setup allows for flexibility in the future.  For now, the building functions as a small apartment of 6 units for each member’s family; in the future, when their children move away, the entire space can be converted to meet the old siblings’ need as a big single-family house

Concrete is used for the house to be muted in the greenery scene.  The big puncture windows on the south facade make sure natural sunlight is always an asset within the space.