Brothers’ House

Brothers’ House

2 brothers wished to live away from the city.  They bought a flat land on a mountain slope facing west to the city and the ocean afar.  The older one needed a weekend house, the younger one needed a permanent house for his family.

We suggested a horizontal single house with 2 units separated by a central corridor-entrance. Small unit for the older brother, big unit for the younger one.  Service spaces are placed on the East in order to have all the living spaces on the West to embrace the yard and the spectacular view beyond.  The full-height movable glazed doors run through the entire west side blur the boundary of inside and outside, while the cantilever floor and roof provide extra protection from the weather. 

The house stayed low against the backdrop of the mountain scene – an image of a profoundly broad-minded, humble and respectful man as I remember the younger brother was.